Here are some projects I have worked on for research, courses, or fun.


ViePIE aims to promote sustainable lifestyle with AR gamification and digital twin. We enable individuals to perceive the environmental implications of their measurable activities, immerse themselves in the climate change impacts, and empower both individuals and organizations with climate-smart choices.


InfoColorizer is an interactive tool to facilitate color palette creation for infographics with deep learning techniques. It provides novice users with flexibility by considering users’ preferences, lowers the expertise barrier via automation, and tailors suggested palettes to the spatial layout of elements.

Color Extractor

This work presents a new approach based on deep learning to automatically extract colormaps from visualizations. With the extracted colormaps, we have developed two applications, i.e., color transfer and color remapping.


SpeechLens is an interactive visual analytics system to explore large-scale speech datasets with multiple-level of details. It allows users to identify narration strategies by conducting visual analysis into the textural and acoustic information in public speeches.

Dancing 3D Text

We created a type of dancing 3D text that could be displayed in different environments with various visual effects based on physically based rendering. We also implemented two kinds of animations in which a text mesh deforms to a sphere and a spiral, respectively.

Ordering System

I developed an ordering system for canteens in C++ with the framework Qt during my internship in a startup. The system involved many modules such as database, network, Bluetooth, and printer. The GUI was iteratively designed and developed, which was much better than the shown figure. Sadly, I cannot find the final version.